Mia's Cantina

Esteban Aguado


A website with as much taste and flavor as your restaurant.
A web experience as rich as your restaurant experience.



I'm writing you because I want to design your restaurant's website.
Mia's is one of our favorite restaurants and a refreshing change from 'the usual' in Downers Grove. We met in San Diego and have trouble finding good Mexican restaurants in Chicago area like the ones we grew used to in San Diego.
As a restaurant customer it amazes me how hard it is to read a menu online.


  • Home/Our Story Page
    • The Mia's Cantina Story (why and how it exists)
      • "The touch is coming from my mom, grandma and sister, who came from central Mexico three months ago with their recipes to help us open this place." (http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-10-19/news/ct-tl-mount-prospect-cantina-20121019_1_mexican-restaurant-mount-prospect-mexican-grill)
      • (http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20131217/entlife/712179993/)
    • The Experience for customers (expectations)
      • Setting
      • Ambience and Indoor/outdoor dining
    • The food tradition - links to menu
      • sourcing
    • The people (about the chef, Head Bartender and Owner).
      • Esteban
      • Mia
  • Menu
  • Locations
    • Maps
    • Hours
    • Address
    • Phone
  • Header with:
  • Footer with:
    • Hours
    • Locations Link
  • Announcement Bar
    • Promote specials and holiday hours etc.



  • Cover Photo




  • Professional Writing
  • Professional Content Strategy
  • Professional Graphic Design
  • Professional Site Architecture - just the information customers need in all the right places.
  • Professional Food and Venue Photography
  • Weekly site change check-ins.
  • Site maintenance - a-la carte or fixed cost.


  • Your customers will now be able to read a menu on phone, tablet, laptop or desktop device.
  • Your Menu will be fully indexable by search engines
  • You can add, remove, and modify any part of the menu yourself or with a phone call to me.
  • Beautiful photography throughout your website, instead of isolated to a gallery.

Options Down the road

  • Events section - host comedy, bands, clubs, comedy groups etc. and attract new people to your restaurant
  • Catering Packages
  • Events Hosting Packages: Weddings, Clubs, Quince Aneras Etc.
  • Additional Design and marketing services like email marketing, business cards, signs, vehicle graphics can be discussed as required.
  • Chownow Online ordering on your site https://www.chownow.com/
  • Take reservations on your site with Opentable.
  • Multiple Menu Pages - like breakfast, Lunch, dinner, cocktails, brunch
  • further Optimize for search engines
  • People Section: The kitchen, The bar
  • Branding
    • The experience of an authentic Mexican Cantina
    • A fresh and authentic Mexican restaurant for fresh and authentic friends.
  • Social media integration - link to all your social pages like facebook, instagram, yelp etc.
  • translation/Spanish language version of the site.
    • Great Mexican food and drinks, by nice people for happy dining.


Why we want to do your website.

Why you should choose us

Who we are.




  • Menu and logo files (illustrator)
  • Any other graphic files or images that you have which might be useful.


  • Food: On-location photoshoot time with prepped food.
  • Staff: On-location photoshoot time with prepped staff.
  • Venue: On-location (casual) photoshoot time with customers outdoors on a summer evening and indoors for night shots afterwards.
  • Venue: On-location (casual) photoshoot time during a lunch
  • Releases from any staff that appears in photography.